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For the Animals  

My cat Maia, who was left in a cardboard box on the side of the road with 4 nursing kittens.
I named her Maia, after the eldest & most beautiful of the Seven Sisters of the Pleaides.
She responds so well to the flower essences & now is a happy, healthy & delightful familiar.

Flower Essences are an effective support to animals' issues. Most of their behavior that is troubling is due to fear. Lilac Flower Essence is a great antidote to fear and has helped many animals, especially dogs overcome separation anxiety, aggression, submissiveness, hyperactivity. In one-on-one sessions with animals, Maureen often makes a flower essence blend depending on its unique issues.

Reiki treatments are an effective support to animals for any reason they'd need healing & spiritually guided support — physical illness or injury, emotional insecurities and any issues creating problems for their (and their human companions!) quality of life.



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