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As seen in the July/August 2004 Issue of Vermont's Everchanging magazine.

Maureen Short - Lightheart Flower Essences, Healing Arts and Photography

Purple Morning Glory -
Expands our vision to embrace our multidimensionality.
"I hold sacred the Divinity within all Life"

Flowers bring sweetness, lightness and joy to the world, gracing the earth with their beauty. They lift the very vibration of any environment, in our homes or outside in nature. Flower Essence Therapy brings the love of the earth into our energy fields or auras.

As a young child growing up in rural Vermont, I found peace, friendship and sustenance from the earth. Being Irish, I have always felt an affinity to flowers and the "wee ones" - the flitting fairies tending to their growth. One of my favorite things to do was to stand in shafts of light in the forest. One spring day I stepped into a beam of light and looked down upon my first jack-in-the-pulpit. The unique design filled my child's heart with awe and reverence. I gently lifted up the hood and looked inside. I gasped as I gazed upon the magic inside, a tube surrounded by a circle of tiny white flowers. My lifelong love affair began.

How is it that flowers floating in pure water in the sun during the creation of essences hold the powerful gift of transformation? Imagine that the flower holds the strongest imprint of Divine energy in the plant. This imprint is "captured" in the water and preserved for later use.

As a vibrational medicine, Flower Essences hold the potential to transform every level of our beings: spiritual, mental and particularly the emotions. I like to think of their energy as the sun breaking through the clouds on a damp, chilly day, flooding us with feelings of warmth and well-being.

To be fully alive in wholeness and balance we must feel our emotions. Many people shut their feelings down from fear or denial and avoidance. Flower Essences gently flush the stagnant and congested energy of unexpressed emotions. This helps us to embrace the emotional fluidity of being in our hearts instead of just in our heads. Flower Essences return us to our natural essence, one of harmony and wholeness.

Although I really know little about photography, my connection to and love for nature allows for a co-creative ability to capture its beauty in photos. I combine a photo note card with each bottle of essence, opening eyes, hearts and souls to our Flower Allies.

Flowers are wonderful teachers. They teach of Divine timing in the unfolding of their petals. They teach us about faith, surrender, softness, delicacy, fierceness, flexibility and lightness of being.

There is an ancient axiom of "As above, so below". The sacred geometric starry designs of the flowers reflect their beauty to the heavens and the heavens reflect their beauty back to the earth. This reminds us of what our work (and play) is truly about - the unification of Spirit and Matter - bringing heaven to earth, our precious Garden of Eden.

Looking into blossoms that hold perfect starry patterns and taking flower essences reminds us of the perfect Divine pattern within us and our ability to claim it! An Icelandic Poppy, for example, grows flowers of different colors and centers with different stars from the same plant. I have so far photographed 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 pointed stars in poppy centers.

Lightheart Flower Essences are made with gratitude in the sacred space of our peaceful land in New Haven, Vermont. The name Lightheart was chosen because Flower Essence Therapy, the healing sessions and the photos bring the holy light of nature into our hearts clearing, cleansing, supporting and strengthening us. Every person who comes for healing in the Lightheart Healing Sanctuary - an eight-sided building in the forest - receives a bottle of flower essences and their images to continue the transformation.

It brings the deepest joy to share the healing power of the essences and the images of the bright and beautiful flowers growing abundantly around us. As humans and nature join in mutual love and connection, all of Life evolves and expands.

Orange Poppy:
Encourages free flow of creative juices.
"I freely express my creativity."



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All photos copyright by Maureen Short.

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