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How to use the Essences  

All photos copyright by Maureen Short.

The flowers, all of them organic and most of them wild, are gathered in a sacred manner of love, gratitude and blessing. Lightheart Flower Essences are preserved with vegetable glycerin (which tastes sweet) and grain alcohol. If alcohol is an issue, an essence can be made with pure white vinegar. Ideally the drops are taken 4 drops 4 times a day, under the tongue or in a small glass of water. An affirmation of a positive statement is included with each Flower. This affirmation, spoken aloud or silently throughout the day, enhances the transformational shift. The Essence is effective until the expiration date. The Flower Essence may be used until the bottle is empty or until a noticeable shift is felt or perceived.

Choosing an Essence
Check the list of the Flowers and see what issue(s) you would like to transform or see what your intuition reveals. The use of muscle testing or dowsing may also assist you in choosing.

Your Lightheart Flower Essence order will include a one oz. bottle of the Essence, a beautiful 5x7 notecard (blank inside) with a glossy 4x6 photo (not a copy), an explanation of what Flower Essence Therapy is, your Flower’s healing gift and an affirmation. These vibrant images are also available as an 8x10 matted image (finished size with mat is 11x14). Wholesale inquiries are welcome. Phone consultations are available by appointment.

Flower Essences are totally harmless. Because they are a vibrational remedy they may be safely used in combination with any type of medical treatment, either allopathic or homeopathic. Frequently the rebalancing created by the use of the Flower Essence Therapy brings relief and transformation. However no medical claims are made. Flower Essences are not a substitute for medical or other forms of health care.

Flower Essences Being Made
Flower Essences Being Made



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All photos copyright by Maureen Short.

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