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Workshops offered 2019

Stirring The Cauldron:The Goddess Series

Quan Yin The Goddess of Compassion and Loving Kindness
In the ongoing Goddess Series of exploring and honoring different aspects of the Divine Feminine, we immerse ourselves in Quan Yin's expansive love and acceptance. Through instruction, sharing, singing, chanting and journeying to Quan Yin with a drumbeat. We'll leave being blessed and a blessing!

  • Saturday, February 18
    1-4 p.m
    $44 each register with Paypal



Crystal Magic

  • A dynamic seminar to explore the power of of the gifts of crystals, gemstones & minerals. Maureen has an abundant collection of stones to share about. This is for both healers & those who want to learn to use the crystals & gemstones for greater health & happiness. Maureen has been involved with the Mineral Kingdom for over 30 years this lifetime & will demonstrate lay-outs on the healing table.
  • TBA

Flower Essence Therapy - Healing Medicine from Mother Earth

  • Maureen has been working with Flower Essences for over 30 years and began making her repertoire of over 55 flowers for Lightheart Flower Essences. She loves to share the wisdom, power and healing qualities of the flowers growing around us! If the sun is shining, everyone will go home with a bottle of a magical elixir they have made co-creating with the Angels (Devas) of Nature
  • Summer 2019
    1-5 p.m.


    Sweatlodges for Women

    • Sacred Ceremony of Purification & Endurance – in its 14th year – a powerful experience of release & renewal. Sweat lodges are held for Spring, Summer and Fall. Includes lunch
    • Sunday, April 20

    Sunday, April 27

    Sunday, May 4th


    Dragonfly's Magic Medicine

    Come explore the beautiful magic of Dragonfly Medicine - we'll explore its creation & cycles. We'll enjoy journeying with the spirit of Dragonfly to bring the beauty of its Magic into our everyday lives in the sacred space of the sanctuary on a mid summer's night eve!


    The Magic of Hummingbird Medicine - Celebrating What Makes Our Hearts Sing!

    Come explore the magic, joy, speed & beauty of Hummingbird Medicine at the sanctuary. A Ruby-Throated Hummingbird couple is zipping & sipping in the yard! We'll learn a lot about Hummingbird behavior & travel through shamanic journeying to receive guidance from the spirit of Hummingbird to live what makes our hearts sing!

    Summer 2019
    6:30-8:00 p.m

    Owl & Raven Medicine

    A dynamic workshop to explore the power & healing gifts of Owl & Raven! We'll explore the Owl Medicine of Wisdom, Discernment & Intuition & Raven as the Magical Messenger. We'll learn alot about their physical attributes - as symbols of their Spiritual gifts. Through journeying into the Heart & Spirit of these powerful Allies we'll have the opportunity to welcome them into our balancing of body/mind/spirit for greater health, happiness & wise guidance upon our paths!





    Goddess Circle for Women

    Monthly Circle in its 10th year
    Come to the sanctuary, nestled in the forest of New Haven, VT, a place blessed by Benevolent Spirits with the deep peace that comes from Soul Merging with Nature. Women of like minds and like hearts come together to pray, meditate, share, journey and walk the Labyrinth when weather permits. We often receive a “tune up” by toning our chakras with the magically resonant & uplifting tones of 8 Crystal Singing Bowls (which sparkles up our Auras). We enjoy an uplifting , healing and heart – centered time together.

    Last Tuesday of the month at 6:30-8:30 p.m.
    2019: Jan 22, Feb 26, March 19 ( Spring Equinox Celebration), April 23, May 28, June 25 (Summer Solstice Celebration), July 23, August 27, Sept 24(Autumn Equinox Celebration), Oct 22, Nov 26, Dec 17 (Winter Solstice Celebration)

    $20 per person
    Register with Maureen if we will have the pleasure of your company.


    Power Animals As Spiritual Allies

    Come to the sacred space of the Lightheart Sanctuary - nestled in Mother Nature for a spiritual adventure of exploring Power Animals.
    Using shamanic journeying/drumming/meditation & sharing, we'll learn who our Power Animal is, how it wants to support us & how to create a close & conscious working/playing relationship with this powerful guidance for greater growth, awareness & happiness. This is both for professional Healers who would like to learn about Power Animal Retrieval to support their clients & anyone who is drawn to this deep & rewarding work!

      • TBA
      • $50 each
      • Register here through Paypal


    Grandmothers’ Council

    In its 10th year in the sanctuary a wonderful day of spiritual retreat for women. This is a healing ceremony of shamanically journeying to/with the Grandmothers of the 8 Sacred Directions. Its origin is unknown and has been passed down orally through women. We journey for healing, inquiry, prayer & understanding. The rituals are Native American based but universally cross-cultural. No experience is necessary & everyone always receives great benefit from this gathering.

    Sunday, February 3, 2019 from 1-5 pm
    Cost: by donation

    1st & 2nd Degree Reiki/Attunement

    Receive this powerful attunement to open you up to Universal Hands-On-Reiki Healing — an ancient Japanese form of healing that brings deep peace to every level of our being. You will receive a certificate for each degree! If you have received 1st Degree Attunement you can come on Sunday for 2nd Degree Attunement. I'll be giving the Reiki Master Attunement later for those who have completed 2nd Degree.
    Second Degree Attunement & Training — an exciting expansion from 1st Degree as you are attuned to 3 powerful Reiki symbols to bring your Reiki to a new level!

    $150 includes lunch.
    Register with Maureen
    $25 deposit required

    Reiki Master Attunement/Training

    Receive your Master Degree in Reiki. Expand your spiritual path & service in this time of awakening.

    A full day training where you will receive the necessary instruction, Attunement & practice to receive your diploma as a Reiki Master!

    If you haven’t received your 1st & 2nd Reiki Degrees from me, please bring them with you.

    DATE: Sunday, March 26th, 2017
    10-4 p.m.

    includes a delicious nutritious lunch.
    $250 with $50 (non-refundable ) deposit


    Opening The 3rd Eye Activating the Pineal Gland

    Through Color, Sound, Guided meditations, Gemstones and more, we’ll explore & expand our innate intuitive gifts for greater access to inner wisdom, insight and knowing, recognizing & expanding our unique gifts of clarivoyance, claraudience. Dynamic & inspirational!

    Cost: $50 each
    Register with Maureen
    $25 deposit required

    Fairy Day!

    14th annual day for children to come to the land and learn about, explore and play with Nature Spirits, including Fairies, Devas, Elves & Gnomes. Always a fun fun fun day! We’ll make Fairy Houses and Elf Doors after lunch!

    Summer 2019
    10-3 p.m
    Cost: $20 per child

    Healing In The Human Energy Field

    For beginning to intermediate students
    Explore ways of healing, bring balance and flow to the body, mind, heart and spirit including:
    – Hands-on-healing techniques
    – Color Therapy
    – Chakra Balancing
    – Sacred Sound Therapy
    – Quartz Crystal/Gemstone Therapy
    – Conscious Breath and Relaxing Meditations

    Date: TBA
    6 classes $50 per class
    Location: Lightheart Sanctuary, New Haven, VT
    Please call Maureen at 802-453-4433 or e-mail

    $25 deposit required


    Sacred Medicine Wheel

    Learn about the power and healing possible within the Sacred Medicine Wheel-learn about the 8 Directions, the 4 Elements, Spiritual Allies and how we can use this for our greatest healing and empowerment. Learn how the medicine wheel can harness vast cosmic energies for us to use for the highest good of all. Based upon Celtic and Native American wisdom.

    Date: TBA

    Exploring Shamanism: Awakening To The Spirit world

    A dynamic experiential workshop for beginners to intermediate – we will explore the most ancient spiritual path on Earth. You will learn and practice the shamanic journey, exploring sacred connections with Spiritual Allies – Guides, Power Animals, Nature Spirits and more. We’ll learn and use sacred sounding with drums, rattles, chanting and singing. A powerful experience!

      Date: TBA
      10-4 p.m
      $80 includes lunch
      $25 deposit required

    Upcoming Goddess Workshops: Kuan Yin/Asia , Bridget/Celtic , Lakshmi/Abundance and more!


    Trees As Healers: Communicating With Nature Spirits

    A day of exploring through learning about and communicating with the Spirit of the Trees around us here in Vermont. We will go into the forest to deepen our friendships with the Trees who long to connect and help us be in balance

    Date: TBA
    10-4 p.m.
    Cost: $50 per person

    $25 deposit required





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