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Lightheart Sanctuary  

Lightheart Sanctuary in Forest

The Lightheart Sanctuary is an 8-sided building nestled in a peaceful forest filled with the beauty of Nature. In Feng Shui an octagon is considered the most stable and balanced of shapes. The healing sessions are offered here as well as small groups for classes, ritual and ceremony. A deer herd is often close by. Bird life is very active; owls are hoo-hooing; hawks flying through or perching on a high limb; ravens are croaking overhead; the precious little chickadees and others are always singing their joy through the forest! There are three sacred Ash trees around the building. The Sanctuary has four large glass doors at the Four Directions, welcoming always the power of these Guardians. It is a sacred place of Power, Peace and Beauty.

On the land near the Sanctuary there is a Labyrinth. This one has seven circular paths. Labyrinths are ancient pathways to the Center and back out. They link up with and amplify the energy of the Earth. Labyrinths offer profound healing, centering and grounding as well as a very lovely walking meditation.



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